It’s Okay

It’s okay to disagree. Really, it is. It’s fine. I’ll get you started: Chocolate is the best flavor. If you agree with that, how about this one: baseball is the best sport. Or, punk rock is the best music genre. There you go, three statements and most people will likely disagree with at least one of them. How was it to disagree? It was okay, right? Everything is fine?

So candy, sports and music are different than moral issues, but the disagreement is the same. We don’t have to agree on moral issues. Whatever experience or biology in my life that influences my preference for chocolate, baseball and punk rock differs from your experience and biology that influences your dislike of chocolate, baseball and/or punk rock. Our opinions develop from our experience and biology.

If you remember back to the time before digital photography there was camera film that needed to be developed. I don’t know the chemistry behind that process, all I know is it is a process and took some time to accomplish. Our opinions develop in a similar fashion. Opinions are unique and individual. So why can’t we accept that and feel comfortable disagreeing?

My preference for punk rock doesn’t demean or destroy your preference for country or pop music. Nor does my opinion on moral issues demean or destroy your opinion on moral issues. Right? It’s okay to disagree.

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