Start Simply

Or rather, simply start.

I have been planning and drafting and re-planning and changing my mind for months now regarding how I want to share my thoughts and information I feel is important to share. I wanted to do a podcast for a long time, then it was a YouTube channel, and then I settled on a blog, something I have experience with. Once that decision was made I still struggled to get started. I’ve had this domain registered for several weeks now. The ideas are there, but not the follow through. So I decided to start simply.

Or rather, simply start.

That’s about as artistic as I plan to get in my writing here, and even that’s just for fun. If you haven’t read my about section, I’ll recap here: I am a licensed alcohol and drug counselor with a Master of Science degree in Psychology. I have been in this profession since July 2014. The purpose of this blog is to share my approach to counseling and to do one of those things, I forget the word for it, where you can go to one location and get all the best information. They do it with news sites all the time. There’s a fancy word for it. I’ll remember it in a few hours in the middle of a session and become distracted. I’ll apologize now to the individual who will see my eyes light up and then seem to disconnect from the conversation.

I love to read books and watch interviews and TED Talks and documentaries about psychology and addiction. Some of these sources of information have shifted some paradigms in my life and I want to help get the word out on those theories and ideas. I also know there are a lot of questions people are uncomfortable asking, or don’t know who to ask, so I want to try to answer those as best I can from the experiences I have. I don’t know everything, or much of anything relative to others, but it’s possible that I know more than the average person, or even you, regarding some of these topics. I separated you from the average person because you are above average, not below. Well, most of you.

There’s a lot of taking things too serious in the world, so I want this to be a lighter approach to a very heavy subject. I believe that can be done respectfully, and I’m going to give it a shot.

The plan is to write something at least once per week. As I mentioned earlier, I have done blogging before and in that tried to maintain posting schedules and have conformity and tried to like the idea of SEO writing, but none of that is me, so I’m giving that up. I’ll try to spell things correctly (by which I mean accept the spell-check suggestions) and use proper grammar, unless it’s funnier not to.

Finally, simply start. If I wait until I get some cool graphics for the page, or the perfectly written article I’ll never start. So it’s time to just do it. Like any behavior change you want to see, there may never be a perfect time to start it, though we often fool ourselves into thinking, “I’ll turn off the Xbox and go to bed at a good time when school starts back up,” or “January 1st I am back to the gym every day.” The best time to initiate change is when the motivation strikes you. If it’s three weeks before school starts and you think you could benefit from a more disciplined bedtime, simply start. If it’s December 14th and you think you need to begin exercising again, simply start, and start simply.

So when you register a web domain and want to begin a blog, simply start, and start simply.

[The next post I’m working on is going to explain why this is called Imagine Moving On. So if you are curious, stay tuned. -PAB]

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